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Hey guys…

My last post was two months ago -_-

Well I’m back now. As usual, work has been the major culprit but I’m not complaining.

I’m at a good place now. Work is good and fulfilling, the people there are awesome too. Will be heading to JB and then of to SG on Monday for a big do. There’s international operators and media involved so its going to be awesome. I’m enjoying myself and that’s what’s important.

At the home front, Narisha’s doing very well with the pregnancy. Baby’s doing good too. We’ve got our 36 week checkup next weekend. Can’t wait to see him kicking and moving on ultrasound. While waiting, check out some of the earlier scans uploaded by Narisha.

First detailed scan
At 29 weeks
At 32 weeks
At 34 weeks

There’s a lot on my mind at the moment. All revolving around the arrival of our son in a few weeks time. Looking at ultrasound videos…I can’t wait to hold him in my hands but at the same time the reality of how much a baby can change your life sinks in.

The usual questions arise. Questions asked by probably all fathers everywhere. Am I going to be a good father? Will I be able to provide my son with the best of everything? Will I be able to impart useful knowledge to him? Will he grow up to be better than me? Be everything that I couldn’t?

I guess time holds the answer to these questions. For the time being, all I can do is be the best that I can.

To those who’ve dropped by my blog on occasion while I was away – thank very much! Please share with me your thoughts k.


Peeps tagged me

Peeps is playing this chain blog game where he posts a series of questions, answers them and then name people he would like to answer the same series of questions. The game called Blog Tag.

Blog Tag is something like answering the surveys you get on Friendster and then passing it on to your friends for them to answer. It’s an interesting way to know more about your friends.

Here’s how you Blog Tag:

  1. Answer the questions and post them up on your blog (sorry, non-bloggers will need to get a blog first :P)
  2. Once you’re done, tag your other friends and get them to tag their other friends. You can’t tag the person who has already tagged you.
  3. After that, put a comment on the blog of person that tagged you and link back to your blog. You do this so that once everyone has tagged everyone, we’ll be able to create a Blog Tag tree like this.
  4. Remember: link the people you’re tagging back to his/her blog. For example, if you tag me then link my name back to my blog like this: Amin Ashaari
  5. Originally it should be five questions and tag five friends, but what the heck no one’s keeping score so tag away!

    More reading on Blog Tag here and here.

    Enough talk about Blog Tag, let’s start tagging people!

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