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Halal or Not? More importantly, should we even ask the question?

This is a revisit of my earlier post on New Zealand Natural Ice Cream in Malaysia being halal certified.

Digging through my comments, I received a reply from an unknown rep from the importers and distributors of the ice cream brand. Apparently the rep claims that JAKIM does not certify imported foodstuffs as halal or not.

While I find this disturbing (how do we know if imported consumables are halal?), the obvious lack of understanding from the rep is even more worrying.

Have a read here

The pertinent question now is this…in an Islamic country like Malaysia must Muslims still ask what is halal and what is not? With entities like HDC and JAKIM, should there be such confusions of what is halal and what is not?

I should think not.


New Zealand Natural – Halal or Not?

UPDATE 3: Still no updates from NZ Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. on the halal certification of their products. An unidentified rep from the company claims JAKIM has no jurisdiction over imported foodstuffs. While I find this disturbing (how do we know if imported consumables are halal?), the obvious lack of understanding from the rep is even more worrying. I hope they will have an answer soon.

UPDATE: Received a reply from NZ Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., the importers, distributors and marketers of New Zealand Natural ice creams in Malaysia. Check out the reply published in verbatim after the jump.

Have you heard of the ice cream chain New Zealand Natural?

They got really good ice cream and I especially like the sundae they call Wickedly Chocolate. With scoops upon scoops of Choc Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Ecstasy ice cream, it is truly a chocolate lover’s delight.

Funny thing happened to me last Wednesday and it got me slightly worried as to the halal’ness of this ice cream chain.

That day, Narisha and I had our berbuka at Manhattan Fish Market in Ikano, after berbuka I had a hankering for some chocolate and headed for NZN. Not sure what I wanted exactly, I went on to ask the salesgirl for some samples.

I recalled first asking to taste their Cookies and Cream and then I asked for a spoon of NZN’s Green Tea ice cream. Then the salesgirl asked me a very odd question. She said, “are you muslim?”.

Perplexed, I said, “yes”.

But that’s not the funny part. What’s funny was she then explained that most of the ice cream from NZN contained alcohol. Including the green tea.

Come to think of it, it’s more bizarre than funny.

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