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Halal or Not? More importantly, should we even ask the question?

This is a revisit of my earlier post on New Zealand Natural Ice Cream in Malaysia being halal certified.

Digging through my comments, I received a reply from an unknown rep from the importers and distributors of the ice cream brand. Apparently the rep claims that JAKIM does not certify imported foodstuffs as halal or not.

While I find this disturbing (how do we know if imported consumables are halal?), the obvious lack of understanding from the rep is even more worrying.

Have a read here

The pertinent question now is this…in an Islamic country like Malaysia must Muslims still ask what is halal and what is not? With entities like HDC and JAKIM, should there be such confusions of what is halal and what is not?

I should think not.


Pandu Cermat: Let’s work together to keep our roads safe

Do your part in keeping our roads safe by keeping an eye on errant motorists during this festive season.

While on the road keep a look out for errant drivers and take a picture of them in the act and send it here.

Of course it’s not a good idea to snap pictures while you’re driving, so get someone else to do it please.

Here are some guidelines to make sure that you’re efforts in catching the idiotic driver in the act of being an idiot are not in vain and the authorities can take action against the culprit.

  1. Take picture of the culprit committing the act, not after.
  2. The picture is able to visually identify that the driver is committing an offense.
  3. Make sure the picture is clear with the vehicle registration number clearly visible.

More information here.

Keep our roads safe and drive safe.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone and Maaf Zahir Batin.


Pandu Cermat: Road safety Hari Raya ads

Funny comes with a message. Think safety!

Hari Raya road safety ads jointly developed by the MOT, JKJR and MIROS started airing Saturday night, Sep 20.

Have you seen them?

Rather good I’d say. I especially like the one with the two brothers.

By the way, did you know OPS SIKAP 17 is now on?

Two more ads + one bonus ad after the jump.
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OPS SIKAP 17 now on

Starting Sept 22 JPJ, PDRM and LPKP along with other related government agencies will organise a joint operation keeping tabs on road users during the very busy and dangerous upcoming Hari Raya season. OPS SIKAP 17 will run for 15 days up to Oct 6.

During this period, officers will not hesitate to issue the maximum allowable compound to offenders committing the following six serious offenses.

  1. Exceeding the legal speed limit
  2. Queue jumping
  3. Running or not obeying traffic lights
  4. Driving on the emergency lane
  5. Overtaking at double line stretches
  6. Driving dangerously

The compound is RM300. Non-negotiable and no duit kopi accepted.

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Fuel prices down another 10 sen

RM2.45: Latest price at the pumps as of Wednesday midnight

Good news for those who will be doing a whole heap of traveling this Raya — including me.

The Domestic Trade and Consumer affairs has just announced that fuel prices are going down a further 10 sen as of midnight Wednesday since the last price adjustment was made on Aug 23.

The updated petrol prices per litre are as follows:

  • RON97 down to RM2.45 from RM2.55
  • RON92 down to RM2.30 from RM2.40
  • Diesel down to RM2.40 from RM2.50

This is the second time the government had reviewed and adjusted national fuel prices. The first brought prices down from a choking RM2.70 per litre of RON97 petrol to RM2.55 per litre.

Pak Lah (boleh blah!) said the 10 sen reduction is the most that the government could afford at this moment in time.

For me, it looks like Shell V-Power racing is a feasible option again and here’s looking forward to the government implementing a full float system soon.

Read more about it here.
Official statement from the Prime Minister here (BM version only).

Power to the people!


New Zealand Natural – Halal or Not?

UPDATE 3: Still no updates from NZ Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. on the halal certification of their products. An unidentified rep from the company claims JAKIM has no jurisdiction over imported foodstuffs. While I find this disturbing (how do we know if imported consumables are halal?), the obvious lack of understanding from the rep is even more worrying. I hope they will have an answer soon.

UPDATE: Received a reply from NZ Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., the importers, distributors and marketers of New Zealand Natural ice creams in Malaysia. Check out the reply published in verbatim after the jump.

Have you heard of the ice cream chain New Zealand Natural?

They got really good ice cream and I especially like the sundae they call Wickedly Chocolate. With scoops upon scoops of Choc Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Ecstasy ice cream, it is truly a chocolate lover’s delight.

Funny thing happened to me last Wednesday and it got me slightly worried as to the halal’ness of this ice cream chain.

That day, Narisha and I had our berbuka at Manhattan Fish Market in Ikano, after berbuka I had a hankering for some chocolate and headed for NZN. Not sure what I wanted exactly, I went on to ask the salesgirl for some samples.

I recalled first asking to taste their Cookies and Cream and then I asked for a spoon of NZN’s Green Tea ice cream. Then the salesgirl asked me a very odd question. She said, “are you muslim?”.

Perplexed, I said, “yes”.

But that’s not the funny part. What’s funny was she then explained that most of the ice cream from NZN contained alcohol. Including the green tea.

Come to think of it, it’s more bizarre than funny.

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iPhone 3G for Malaysia

iPhone 3G: Apple says its twice as fast. Half the price. I’d love to give it a go

Ok so Apple launched the iPhone 3G in 20 something countries earlier this month. All this means naught to me as the sexy device is not going to be available in Malaysia anyway.

But I hope it won’t stay that way for long. I hope one of the local telcos with have the brains and the brawn to bring the iPhone 3G to Malaysia.

It’s a cool, practical and stylish device. I don’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be available here and I seriously don’t understand why some of the poorest countries in the world are listed on Apple’s official site slated to launch the iPhone 3G later this year.

For Malaysia to be left out is an abomination and just opens doors for hackers and crackers to make a quick buck selling grey imports. Rumour has it that the iPhone 3G is retailing for RM4.2k at Low Yat!

And for Singapore to be launching the iconic device in as little as two months time is just too much la. Its not enough they took that piddly rock from us is it?

On the upside, I’m glad to see that somebody has created this blog. It’s an online petition to convince local telcos to actually give what the consumers want.

And this group of consumers including me want the iPhone 3G here in Malaysia. It has to be official, legit and affordable.

I’ve signed the online petition and encourage the you do the same if you feel the same way. There’s nothing to loose if you do sign the petition but there’s a lot to gain if a telco actual does bring in the iPhone 3G to Malaysia

I’m number 299 on the petition by the way.

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