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Chicken a la carte – it’s going to leave a bad taste in your conscience

I can’t recall anything in recent memory I’ve seen that have affected me so profoundly.

A word of caution, to some, this might be a bit too hard to swallow.

View the original at

I can’t believe it at first but I don’t think a hoax video would make it into a film festival?

How can we make a difference? This could be a start.

Point is, it starts from the heart. Ikhlas.


Can someone tell me if this is real?

UPDATE: Two ISA detaines released including Teresa Kok. Check out her blog for more.

UPDATE: Three citizens of Malaysia including Teresa Kok have been detained without trial under ISA. Details here

UPDATE: Teresa Kok on her blog today explained that the azan issue is a mere rumour. Excerpts from her blog:

Tibalah masa bagi saya untuk menerangkan perkara ini dengan kenyataan yang saya telah ulangi kepada YB Khalid Samad dan pemberita pada Hari Ahad adalah seperti berikut:

i) Saya sendiri tidak pernah menerima aduan daripada penduduk di Puchong berkenaan dengan isu azan ini, jadi saya langsung tidak tahu tentang perkara ini dan saya amat hairan untuk mendengar tuduhan tersebut;

ii) Sekiranya saya terima aduan daripada penduduk di Puchong, adalah langsung tidak masuk akal bagi saya sebagai exco Kerajaan Selangor untuk mengadakan petisyen dan membentangkannya kepada YB Satim, seorang ADUN daripada parti pembangkang, kerana beliau bukannya kadi ataupun pengurus masjid, buat apa saya tulis surat kepada beliau yang tiada kuasa tentang perkara ini?

Sekiranya saya terima aduan daripada penduduk, saya akan minta bantuan daripada YB Datuk Dr Hasan Ali, iaitu exco yang menjaga Hal Ehwal Islam di Selangor, ataupun pengarah Jabatan Hal Ehwal Islam di Selangor, dan bukannya Satim.

Goes to show a little digging can reveal a lot. I wrote her an email asking her about the jawi issue as well. Hope to get a reply soon.

Got this in my email today.

I refuse to believe all this bullshit.

It’s 6 more days to In the face of 916 (which now looks like it’s going to be differed), all this underhanded crap starts to surface. First there was the SMS. Now, some dunggu decides that it’ll be a good idea to spread this email around.

The email purports Teresa Kok as an advocate for the removal of jawi characters on street signs. With pictures as proof she has — apparently — succeeded in getting jawi character removed from the Bukit Bintang street sign. The email also claims Teresa is leading a petition to have the volume of the azan (call to prayers) reduced in Puchong.

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Crappy Movie

The other day I got movie premiere tickets to catch Babylon A.D..

Let me save you some money by telling you now to NOT BOTHER with the movie at all!

Stay away! Don’t even think about it! Don’t even utter the title! Just let it not exist! IT IS really that bad!

Then, why am I blogging about this sad excuse of a movie?

Because the movie was so crap that I wasn’t paying much attention on the story at all. Instead I was looking at the plugs ins all along the movie.

So I’m not going attempt to write a review of the crappy movie (have I mentioned that it was really crap?) . Besides, other people are better at that anyway. I’m going to give a review on the product placements instead.

So here goes. I’m naming the brand being plugged in sequence of its appearance.

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Something’s Not Right

Have you checked out my Weekly Web Faves?

Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

What’s weird about this one?

Or this one?

Can’t put a finger on it?

It’s all in the Photoshop. More of the photoshop designers’ undoing here.


Iron Man, Meet Iron Man

Seen Iron Man yet?

The idea of a super weapon in the form of a virtually indestructible exoskeleton is just super. Though, I’ve always thought that I’d be a skeleton first before somebody actually goes out and make one.

Well, guess what? It’s closer than you think.
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Now, This is Good Crap

I’m never a fan of coffee but with my workload being so overwhelming ever since I started this new place, the utilitarian use of the beverage served its purpose in keeping me going through the long stints in the office.

Slowly, this coffee thing has kind of crept up on me. I’m not saying I’m a connoisseur or anything but I think I can differentiate a good cuppa from a lousy one. ^o^

In any case this particular type of coffee has perked my curiousity.

Kopi Luwak: apparently the best beans come from crappiest source
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How in the…

Was on the way back home from Labour Day holiday jalan-jalan. We were heading towards Kota Damansara via Persiaran Surian, at the short straight in front of The Curve/Ikea we noticed quite a long jam.

Considering that today was awal bulan and a public holiday rolled into one, we thought it was just throngs of shoppers going home.

Then we say this…

The white Proton Gen.2 is heading the right direction, the Proton Iswara is not.

Gen.2 Driver: “It was like playing Gran Theft Auto, one moment the road in front of me was clear, the next there’s an Iswara infront of me. All I could do is say: opocot!”
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