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Off to JB and SG

Ok, so I’ll be away from today till Thursday. So I don’t think I’ll be able to post daily but I’ll try nonetheless.

First I’ll be in JB to be a part of the world’s first mobile WiMAX demo on a live network. Then it’s off to SG to meet delegates and media at the WiMAX Forum Asia Congress 2009.

Looks like a busy week ahead.


My favourite teppanyaki place at the moment

Japanese food have always been my favourite. I love its simplicity and it’s so easy to enjoy! I can eat teppanyaki this good everyday and not get bored.

the other day I went for berbuka with Peeps and another friend — Razali, from our SavOC days. We headed to Pavilion as there’s plenty food choice to — erm — choose from.

Typical to hungry men making decisions with their stomachs rather than their brains, we had a big problem coming to a consensus on where to eat. We contemplated having Carl’s Junior, but I’m not sure about having fast food for berbuka is a good idea.

This based on the experience we had when we went to the McDonald’s berbuka buffet a few years back and all of us didn’t feel too good after that. I think it had something to do with having too much fast food in one sitting. I guess that’s always not going to be a good thing to do especially on an empty stomach.

Nando’s was also on the options list but the peri-peri sauce and spices upsets my tummy. When I eat Nando’s with an empty stomach I often get diarrhea. Sometimes I’m willing to risk it but considering the fact that I might not be able to make it home in time, relieving myself in public toilets is not an option even if it’s in Pavilion (which have quite pleasant toilets by the way).

Ok, Enough about relieving myself.

Since we can’t really decide on what to eat I suggested teppanyaki, they all agreed and I thought I’d share with you my favourite teppanyaki place at the mo.

These snaps were taken earlier when I took Narisha out for dinner.

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I saw Avril Lavigne Live!

On the day of the concert Narisha got tickets to catch Avril Lavigne live in Malaysia. And it wasn’t any ordinary tickets either, we were going to see Avril live in Malaysia from the VIP section – front row!

No arguments there, despite having to prepare for a big huge family function the day after. We decided it was an opportunity we couldn’t afford to miss, literally, as apparently the VIP tickets we got cost around RM600 each!

So here are the pictures of the concert and a short story.

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Avril Lavigne, I’m seeing you tonight!

Oooh baby baby…you’re so good to me.

UPDATE: Check out my picture story here

Sometimes when the chips are down, God has His way to give you a “pick me up” just when you need it.

Sometimes it’s in ways you’d least expect, sometimes in ways exactly how you’d like it, sometimes in obvious ways, sometimes in not so obvious ways.

It’s a been a crappy few weeks for me. I just realised the future that looked so bright at work now is not so shimmering any more. In fact the place is looking more and more like a dead end.

But it’s ok.

I’ll soldier on. God has ways to give you a “pick me up”. Remember?

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I’m watching the game!

The last time Chelsea came down Malaysia lost 4 – 1. Even if they don’t win I hope our boys can at least improve the scoreline.

Woohoo! Scored a couple of tickets for Chelsea vs. Malaysia tonight (courtesy of Samsung – technically)

I’m not a fan of EPL or anything but I’m still going because it’ll be interesting to see how the 14th edition of the Malaysian selection team will fair against the likes of Ballack, Lampard and Drogba. [Update 29Jul08/1131hrs: Peeps says Drogba’s not playing, not even here.]

To a certain extent I think it’s safe to say we all can predict what the outcome will be but I hope Sathianathan’s boys will at least put up a fight. And this time I hope it’s not just in the first half.

Speaking of EPL, I hate it. It’s no fault of the league itself, they play good football there in England. It’s the Malaysian posers and losers who are so fanatical about EPL teams, that I am sick of.

I can’t put a finger on it but these people just drive me nuts.

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Click! Snap! Again

The gang again – LtoR Meor (new addition), Peeps, Rudy and Me! (Click on picture for more freaky snaps)

I didn’t know what the event was all about and I didn’t care. Important thing was I had fun.

It’s been too long since all of us got together and did stuff. We had fun back then working long hours in a small studio in Bangsar. After I left the place, we did work together once in while on ad-hoc projects but ultimately we all went our separate ways.

Now, since we all have the same hobby, outings like this will be more frequent.

In fact we’re planning one soon. Updates as it happens. Then Rudy can teach me more stuff. Then I can be the kind of photographer I’ve always wanted to be – a better one.

Also, Narisha likes photography too. It’s unfortunate that we only can afford one D-SLR at the moment. Let’s see if things get better in the comming months, I would really love to get her one.

Then we can go out photography outings together, just like how we did during her college days.

Can’t wait for that to happen again.


Snaps at a Japanese Restaurant

Yes, the snap is not sharp. Couldn’t experiment with the focus, I only got one shot. Sorry

About a week back on May 24, Johan – Narisha’s brother, my brother in-law – celebrated his 24th birthday.

Hmm…24 on 24th, nice number combination.

Anyways, as with the family tradition Narisha, the in-laws and I went for Japanese dinner to celebrate. For this occasion, we went to Kura at the One World Hotel in Bandar Utama.

Just wanted to share with you some snaps taken with my Sony Alpha 200.

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