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Happy Birthday Amira!

Happy birthday Amira!

Hope you had fun yesterday.

Sorry I can’t be around today but I hope you can go on that adventure :)

In any case, I’ll see you soon.

You’re doing well for a 20 year old. So proud of you.

Don’t ever change k.

Love you loads.


Here’s Johnny!

As I get back into blogging, an old friend and ex-colleague on mine begins his journey into blogging.

Have a look at his blog HERE – interesting perspective.

Looking at John’s first posts, I can’t help but to look back at my first blog post.

Welcome to the blogosphere Johnny!

Check out my other friends and family who are blogging HERE.


OMG! How did this happen?

From everyone’s favourite blog in the world, another ROFLOL moment.
How did that get in there?!

FAIL Blog, you’ve done it again!

Hmm…should I bring back my Weekly Web Faves?


Super Bowl: Big Money, Big Ads

Check out the AdBlitz channel HERE

Ad spots during Super Bowl could very well be amongst the most expensive in the world. Up to USD100,000/second!

Let’s do some math, the Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen teaser trailer that aired during Superbowl was 30sec long. Multiply that with the going rate (USD100,000/second) and you come to a whopping USD3mil for one 30sec spot!

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Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen Teaser Trailer OUT!

The teaser trailer is out in full HD glory HERE!

Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen Teaser Trailer

Ok, so it’s only 30 seconds long but boy does it tease. Already you can expect so much from the sequel. At 0:10 you will see a new canine looking robot (I’m thinking it’s most probably a Decepticon), at 0:16 the Audi R8 Decepticon makes an appearance and people are saying there’s a glimpse of what could be Arcee in the background, at 0:21 Optimus gets clobbered big time and at 0:23 you see a massive new Decepticon that makes Optimus look like Frenzy (the Decepticon radio robot from the first movie).

TFW2005 breaks down the trailer into pictures HERE.

The next big date is 02-13-09, Friday the Thirteenth. This is when the full length teaser trailer will be released. 26 June cannot come any sooner!

More Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen stuff on Amin


He’s a Kicker!

Narisha blogged about it first HERE!

Our boy is a kicker! I finally got to feel him kicking, bumping and wiggling in his mommy’s belly. This was the first time for me and try as I might, I can’t really explain how it feels…how it made me feel. All I could do was laugh. No, not because it was funny but because I really don’t know how to react. It was really a special moment, a wonderful moment.

Before this the baby’s bumps and wiggles were exclusively Narisha’s to experience. Every time the baby kicked, she’d tell me and I’d run over to put my hand on her belly and every time, I can’t really feel anything.

For this one, I could really feel it, even if was only a few bumps. I felt him move around too! Narisha said that our baby boy was bouncing around in her belly for almost 20 minutes!

From the monthly ultrasounds, we’ve kinda figured out that our baby boy will be a bouncer, a very active baby. Now with this latest session, it’s pretty much confirmed.

I’m counting the days for this bundle of joy of ours to arrive.

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Transformer 2: More Cool Stuff!

Imagine this in its full CGI full motion glory on ROTF. Picture credit Transformer Live Action Blog.

I can’t stop digging up stuff about Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF).

One of my favourite Decepticons – Devastator – will appear in the sequel! Here are the details. True to the cartoon rendition, Devastator will consist of 7 construction vehicles. Though some quarters are saying that it could all be a rumour.

Whatever it is I don’t care. I just want to see Devastator in action. Here’s a thought, in the cartoon series, Devastator always battled the Dinobots – could this mean the Dinobots will be in the sequel as well?


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