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Mat Rempits – Polis passing the buck to JPJ and Parents

I went, “WTF!” after reading this. What do you think?

KUALA LUMPUR: After years of public agony, the authorities are finally going to hit the Mat Rempit where it hurts most — by seizing their motorcycles.

Police and the Road Transport Department (JPJ) are preparing to launch joint operations against the Mat Rempit in various locations.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said this drastic move had to be taken as the Mat Rempit had become violent and brazen instead of just being a public nuisance.

He said he had met Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat recently and the latter agreed that traffic police and JPJ officers should conduct joint operations to clamp down on the speedsters, many of whom use illegally-modified machines.

“We have to come down hard on the Mat Rempit who have started to become involved in robberies, snatch thefts and are even attacking innocent road users.

The police have limited powers to act against these people but with the help of the JPJ, we can now go all out against them,’’ he added.

Musa said police would also go after the owners of the motorcycles if the riders caught were underage or did not possess valid licences. He said the registered owner of the machine would also be issued with a summons if the rider did not have a valid licence.

“Parents must be more responsible and should not allow their underage children to drive cars or ride motorcycles,’’ he added.

First of all…baru sekarang nak sedar ke? What, with all the snatch theft cases, illegal races and road assaults, you still can see the gravity of the situation? You guys blind or what?!

Here’s the thing…you take away the Rempit’s bike then what’s going to happen? What’s going to happen is the Rempits are just going to steal other people’s bike, so what’s the point? It’s not going to change anything.

Fact of the matter is, the Polis and authorities are just horsing around – at least from where I’m seeing it anyway lah.

Every weekend without fail the stretch of NKVE between Damansara and KL becomes a makeshift racing circuit for these Rempits. Buzzing up and down the highway with thier noisy mopeds…bunyi macam ribut, pergi macam siput. Continue reading ‘Mat Rempits – Polis passing the buck to JPJ and Parents’


More things to worry about

090204_star_w27smallHunting for Jobs:The global credit crisis has wrought havoc with millions of people throughout the world clamouring for jobs. In the US, people were standing in line at the Miami government administration building to apply for one of 35 firefighter positions open in the City of Miami fire Rescue Department on Monday. The city was only planning on accepting 750 application for the positions but more than 1,000 people showed up with some in line since Saturday. In China, migrant workers were waiting for employers on a street in Chengdu. About 20 million migrant workers have lost their jobs because of economic downturn. In Madrid, people were lining up to enter a government job centre, Spain’s registered jobless leapt to a record 198,838 people in January, the tenth straight month of increase and the biggest monthly rise on record. From The Star, Feb 4, 2009.

As usual, was chatting with Alex this morning over IM…

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Tribute to Schumi Blue

We’ll all miss you.

I was devastated when I heard the news. My in-laws had just lost one of their much loved kittens — Schumi Blue.

It was only last weekend that Narisha and I had spent time playing with Schumi Blue at her parents place. We spent berbuka there and had such a fun time looking at Schumi playing with Heidi –another one of their kittens.

Schumi was such a special kitten. He was very well behaved and had such lovely blue eyes. His soft coat was a nice brownish white colour. He loved being pet by everyone.

Schumi was special because he had six digits on each paw. Yeap, he had six “fingers” on all four paws and that gave him a special gait which made him look sooo cute when he’s walking and doubly so when he’s running.

Schumi was a very manja kitten. When he wanted to go to sleep he would suckle on the end of his tail and slowly doze off. He will get so engrossed in sucking his tail that by the time he’s done suckling, the end of his tail would be soaking wet!

He had all the qualities of becoming a wonderful life long companion for my in-laws and we all loved him.

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ISA is a Bitch!

Yes, ISA is a bitch. What you going to do about it?

I got Peeps to design this anti-ISA logo so we can all share our disagreement with such a draconian rule.

If you share the same believe feel free to take the logo and protest together with us.

Spread the word for the abolishment of ISA. It’s the least that you can do.

So go ahead and do it!

Thanks Peeps.


Uphold the truth and ye shall be detained

That’s what happened over the weekend. Three citizens of Malaysia were detained under ISA for speaking the truth.

Detained without trial!

  • Raja Petra Kamarudin — Blogger, Malaysia Kini
  • Teresa KokBlogger and Member of Parliament (3rd term) from the Democratic Action Party (DAP)
  • Tan Hoon Cheng — Award winning journalist, Sin Chew Jit Poh (Freed, serving the shortest detention period – detained for less than 24 hours)

Previously, Abdullah Badawi encouraged journos to uphold the truth.

They did and they got detained.

Yes, the Prime Minister has smartly given us all the finger. Picture from the Star.

Further reading: Seek the Truth!


Can someone tell me if this is real?

UPDATE: Two ISA detaines released including Teresa Kok. Check out her blog for more.

UPDATE: Three citizens of Malaysia including Teresa Kok have been detained without trial under ISA. Details here

UPDATE: Teresa Kok on her blog today explained that the azan issue is a mere rumour. Excerpts from her blog:

Tibalah masa bagi saya untuk menerangkan perkara ini dengan kenyataan yang saya telah ulangi kepada YB Khalid Samad dan pemberita pada Hari Ahad adalah seperti berikut:

i) Saya sendiri tidak pernah menerima aduan daripada penduduk di Puchong berkenaan dengan isu azan ini, jadi saya langsung tidak tahu tentang perkara ini dan saya amat hairan untuk mendengar tuduhan tersebut;

ii) Sekiranya saya terima aduan daripada penduduk di Puchong, adalah langsung tidak masuk akal bagi saya sebagai exco Kerajaan Selangor untuk mengadakan petisyen dan membentangkannya kepada YB Satim, seorang ADUN daripada parti pembangkang, kerana beliau bukannya kadi ataupun pengurus masjid, buat apa saya tulis surat kepada beliau yang tiada kuasa tentang perkara ini?

Sekiranya saya terima aduan daripada penduduk, saya akan minta bantuan daripada YB Datuk Dr Hasan Ali, iaitu exco yang menjaga Hal Ehwal Islam di Selangor, ataupun pengarah Jabatan Hal Ehwal Islam di Selangor, dan bukannya Satim.

Goes to show a little digging can reveal a lot. I wrote her an email asking her about the jawi issue as well. Hope to get a reply soon.

Got this in my email today.

I refuse to believe all this bullshit.

It’s 6 more days to In the face of 916 (which now looks like it’s going to be differed), all this underhanded crap starts to surface. First there was the SMS. Now, some dunggu decides that it’ll be a good idea to spread this email around.

The email purports Teresa Kok as an advocate for the removal of jawi characters on street signs. With pictures as proof she has — apparently — succeeded in getting jawi character removed from the Bukit Bintang street sign. The email also claims Teresa is leading a petition to have the volume of the azan (call to prayers) reduced in Puchong.

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FAM Website Down – Tonight’s Results Confirmed(?)

As of 0149hrs Jul 29, FAM site still down! (Click for larger image)

I’m going to the game tonight and was looking up the past performance of our national squad – just for fun. Naturally the best place to look for all these things would be the Football Association of Malaysia official website.

Guess what, the site is down!

How la Malaysia? How am I supposed to be proud like this?

How can the site be down now? At this critical time when Chelsea fans from around the world are looking. The big game is tonight and we can’t even find information about our national squad. Malu!

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