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Off to JB and SG

Ok, so I’ll be away from today till Thursday. So I don’t think I’ll be able to post daily but I’ll try nonetheless.

First I’ll be in JB to be a part of the world’s first mobile WiMAX demo on a live network. Then it’s off to SG to meet delegates and media at the WiMAX Forum Asia Congress 2009.

Looks like a busy week ahead.


Mat Rempits – Polis passing the buck to JPJ and Parents

I went, “WTF!” after reading this. What do you think?

KUALA LUMPUR: After years of public agony, the authorities are finally going to hit the Mat Rempit where it hurts most — by seizing their motorcycles.

Police and the Road Transport Department (JPJ) are preparing to launch joint operations against the Mat Rempit in various locations.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said this drastic move had to be taken as the Mat Rempit had become violent and brazen instead of just being a public nuisance.

He said he had met Transport Minister Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat recently and the latter agreed that traffic police and JPJ officers should conduct joint operations to clamp down on the speedsters, many of whom use illegally-modified machines.

“We have to come down hard on the Mat Rempit who have started to become involved in robberies, snatch thefts and are even attacking innocent road users.

The police have limited powers to act against these people but with the help of the JPJ, we can now go all out against them,’’ he added.

Musa said police would also go after the owners of the motorcycles if the riders caught were underage or did not possess valid licences. He said the registered owner of the machine would also be issued with a summons if the rider did not have a valid licence.

“Parents must be more responsible and should not allow their underage children to drive cars or ride motorcycles,’’ he added.

First of all…baru sekarang nak sedar ke? What, with all the snatch theft cases, illegal races and road assaults, you still can see the gravity of the situation? You guys blind or what?!

Here’s the thing…you take away the Rempit’s bike then what’s going to happen? What’s going to happen is the Rempits are just going to steal other people’s bike, so what’s the point? It’s not going to change anything.

Fact of the matter is, the Polis and authorities are just horsing around – at least from where I’m seeing it anyway lah.

Every weekend without fail the stretch of NKVE between Damansara and KL becomes a makeshift racing circuit for these Rempits. Buzzing up and down the highway with thier noisy mopeds…bunyi macam ribut, pergi macam siput. Continue reading ‘Mat Rempits – Polis passing the buck to JPJ and Parents’


Happy Birthday Amira!

Happy birthday Amira!

Hope you had fun yesterday.

Sorry I can’t be around today but I hope you can go on that adventure :)

In any case, I’ll see you soon.

You’re doing well for a 20 year old. So proud of you.

Don’t ever change k.

Love you loads.


Farnee lah you!

My twitter crazy friend sent me an email that read:

Just wish…
Continue reading ‘Farnee lah you!’


Halal or Not? More importantly, should we even ask the question?

This is a revisit of my earlier post on New Zealand Natural Ice Cream in Malaysia being halal certified.

Digging through my comments, I received a reply from an unknown rep from the importers and distributors of the ice cream brand. Apparently the rep claims that JAKIM does not certify imported foodstuffs as halal or not.

While I find this disturbing (how do we know if imported consumables are halal?), the obvious lack of understanding from the rep is even more worrying.

Have a read here

The pertinent question now is this…in an Islamic country like Malaysia must Muslims still ask what is halal and what is not? With entities like HDC and JAKIM, should there be such confusions of what is halal and what is not?

I should think not.


Chicken a la carte – it’s going to leave a bad taste in your conscience

I can’t recall anything in recent memory I’ve seen that have affected me so profoundly.

A word of caution, to some, this might be a bit too hard to swallow.

View the original at

I can’t believe it at first but I don’t think a hoax video would make it into a film festival?

How can we make a difference? This could be a start.

Point is, it starts from the heart. Ikhlas.


Hey guys…

My last post was two months ago -_-

Well I’m back now. As usual, work has been the major culprit but I’m not complaining.

I’m at a good place now. Work is good and fulfilling, the people there are awesome too. Will be heading to JB and then of to SG on Monday for a big do. There’s international operators and media involved so its going to be awesome. I’m enjoying myself and that’s what’s important.

At the home front, Narisha’s doing very well with the pregnancy. Baby’s doing good too. We’ve got our 36 week checkup next weekend. Can’t wait to see him kicking and moving on ultrasound. While waiting, check out some of the earlier scans uploaded by Narisha.

First detailed scan
At 29 weeks
At 32 weeks
At 34 weeks

There’s a lot on my mind at the moment. All revolving around the arrival of our son in a few weeks time. Looking at ultrasound videos…I can’t wait to hold him in my hands but at the same time the reality of how much a baby can change your life sinks in.

The usual questions arise. Questions asked by probably all fathers everywhere. Am I going to be a good father? Will I be able to provide my son with the best of everything? Will I be able to impart useful knowledge to him? Will he grow up to be better than me? Be everything that I couldn’t?

I guess time holds the answer to these questions. For the time being, all I can do is be the best that I can.

To those who’ve dropped by my blog on occasion while I was away – thank very much! Please share with me your thoughts k.

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