Halal or Not? More importantly, should we even ask the question?

This is a revisit of my earlier post on New Zealand Natural Ice Cream in Malaysia being halal certified.

Digging through my comments, I received a reply from an unknown rep from the importers and distributors of the ice cream brand. Apparently the rep claims that JAKIM does not certify imported foodstuffs as halal or not.

While I find this disturbing (how do we know if imported consumables are halal?), the obvious lack of understanding from the rep is even more worrying.

Have a read here

The pertinent question now is this…in an Islamic country like Malaysia must Muslims still ask what is halal and what is not? With entities like HDC and JAKIM, should there be such confusions of what is halal and what is not?

I should think not.


1 Response to “Halal or Not? More importantly, should we even ask the question?”

  1. 1 Sam B
    May 5, 2009 at 1:57 AM

    Wow, I’m so glad I came across this website. I’d like to tell you of my experience with a sales staff at NZ Natural in Ikano. As my husband and I are very particular about the halal status of food, we were a bit skeptical to buy from the stall even though they were having a sale at the moment because no halal certification was evident. We asked one of the staff which from her outward appearance was a non-Malay or Muslim, and she told us of course it’s halal because it doesn’t contain alcohol. Now here are a few things that both amuses and worries us about the answer:

    1) She is assuming that only alcohol in the ingredient is haram. What about animal fat, even that from beef which is not slaughtered according to Muslim rites?

    2) Alcohol is present and vital in the extraction process of natural vanilla, which is used by almost all of the world’s premium ice cream labels such as Haagen Dasz. It is the percentage of alcohol present that matters, whether or not it is permissible can be viewed through edicts. Therefore, whoever it is from NZ Natural that replied in the comment section is either completely oblivious to this fact, which would make him or her incompetent as a staff of the company, or the company uses cheap, fake stuff on their ice-cream, thus really not justifying their “all-natural” claim.

    3) So many other ingredients in the ice cream can cause it to become haram, such as the type of whey and emulsifiers used and the presence of mono or di-glycerides and so on.

    4) I am disturbed by the fact that the company did not see the importance of announce the halal status of its products unless it sees how it will affect the market.

    5) The anonymous rep from the company claims that Jakim cannot give halal certification for its products, so I am wondering why this is:

    Also brother Amin, as a gentle reminder, I would check into the Halal certification of Manhattan Fish Market. A chef (now a friend of mine) at the restaurant has told me that beer, non-halal soy sauce and several other non-halal seasonings have been used in the cooking and seasoning process. I’m unsure if the situation has changed. May Allah protect our flesh from all that is haram.

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