More things to worry about

090204_star_w27smallHunting for Jobs:The global credit crisis has wrought havoc with millions of people throughout the world clamouring for jobs. In the US, people were standing in line at the Miami government administration building to apply for one of 35 firefighter positions open in the City of Miami fire Rescue Department on Monday. The city was only planning on accepting 750 application for the positions but more than 1,000 people showed up with some in line since Saturday. In China, migrant workers were waiting for employers on a street in Chengdu. About 20 million migrant workers have lost their jobs because of economic downturn. In Madrid, people were lining up to enter a government job centre, Spain’s registered jobless leapt to a record 198,838 people in January, the tenth straight month of increase and the biggest monthly rise on record. From The Star, Feb 4, 2009.

As usual, was chatting with Alex this morning over IM…

alexan (2/5/2009 10:29:39 AM):
on perak, najib keep asking nizar (perak MB) to step down
but on state constitution wise, the DUN was never dissolved
so he is still the MB until the sultan dissolves the state assembly
now all up to azlan shah
what do you think?

Amin (2/5/2009 10:32:22 AM):
Najib can ask all he wants…
until the majority is set MB has the right to stay put..
It’s like DSAI telling Bodowi to step down…
he can bang the drum all he wants but…Bodowi has the right…
Sultan needs CONCRETE reason to dissolve state
independents giving mandate to UMNO is not CONCRETE…
but as usuall…when it comes to things like this…impossible is nothing…

alexan (2/5/2009 10:42:08 AM):
welcome to malaysia

Everybody’s talking about frogs and Perak when there are more penitent things to worry about.

Let’s focus on something for important shall we?

Let’s worry about the recession.

Like it or not the economic recession is knocking at our doors. But it appears our leaders are taking things a little to lightly. Crucial questions still hover over the billions of stimulus Ringgit.

Around the world people are loosing jobs and Malaysia is not spared. Case in point, Proton announced yesterday that it will cut it’s dealer network from over 800 dealers to just 100 odd dealers. Can you imagine how that would affect the families of the sales, service, admin staff running these dealerships that will soon be out of a job?

I fear by the time they finish with this childish debacle it’s already too late to do anything. No reports of long lines of unemployed workers in Malaysia so far but that doesn’t mean people are not suffering.

So shall we?


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