I’m watching the game!

The last time Chelsea came down Malaysia lost 4 – 1. Even if they don’t win I hope our boys can at least improve the scoreline.

Woohoo! Scored a couple of tickets for Chelsea vs. Malaysia tonight (courtesy of Samsung – technically)

I’m not a fan of EPL or anything but I’m still going because it’ll be interesting to see how the 14th edition of the Malaysian selection team will fair against the likes of Ballack, Lampard and Drogba. [Update 29Jul08/1131hrs: Peeps says Drogba’s not playing, not even here.]

To a certain extent I think it’s safe to say we all can predict what the outcome will be but I hope Sathianathan’s boys will at least put up a fight. And this time I hope it’s not just in the first half.

Speaking of EPL, I hate it. It’s no fault of the league itself, they play good football there in England. It’s the Malaysian posers and losers who are so fanatical about EPL teams, that I am sick of.

I can’t put a finger on it but these people just drive me nuts.

Oh wait, maybe I can. You guys are so fake! You know who you are.

They’re about 20 teams in the EPL and all I keep hearing is Manchester United, Manchester United, Manchester United. Sometimes I hear Chelsea and Arsenal, occasionally I hear Liverpool and then some sod will say that he supports the Spurs.

Ok maybe the guy who supports the Spurs is a true fan but the rest of them are just lalangs. Most of them change their favourite EPL team more often than they do underwear. Usually, the team that looks like the favourite to win the Premiership will be the team most rooted for.

Last season it most probably was Man U. For the upcoming 08/09 season the same people who rooted for Man U wouldn’t think twice to go for Chelsea if the team took top spot at the end of the season.

Basically all these people are full of it lah!

I hate the fact that English football gets more local attention and sponsorship money than Malaysian football could ever dream of. To me it’s a form of colonial hangover – an unfortunate byproduct of our colonial past.

On the other hand I hate the fact that the local team can’t seem to get their act together either. I want so much to root for my country, unfortunately they are not giving me a chance. Not giving me an opportunity to be proud of them.

So tonight I’m just going be spectator. If I can’t be proud of Malaysia, I might as well just enjoy the game.

I hope Malaysia can at least deliver that.


5 Responses to “I’m watching the game!”

  1. 1 peeps
    July 29, 2008 at 2:58 AM

    than u. yes..ai am a true spurs fan.

    as please…drogba did not come to malaysia. thank you. :P

    [Amin says] Ye ke? I didn’t know that. Why he not coming la?

  2. 2 peeps
    July 29, 2008 at 2:58 AM

    oh my god..i dont know how to type.. :P

  3. 3 Alex
    August 10, 2008 at 8:53 PM

    Is that really your current desktop wallpaper???

    [Amin says] No lah. Crazy ah? :P

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