Click! Snap! Again

The gang again – LtoR Meor (new addition), Peeps, Rudy and Me! (Click on picture for more freaky snaps)

I didn’t know what the event was all about and I didn’t care. Important thing was I had fun.

It’s been too long since all of us got together and did stuff. We had fun back then working long hours in a small studio in Bangsar. After I left the place, we did work together once in while on ad-hoc projects but ultimately we all went our separate ways.

Now, since we all have the same hobby, outings like this will be more frequent.

In fact we’re planning one soon. Updates as it happens. Then Rudy can teach me more stuff. Then I can be the kind of photographer I’ve always wanted to be – a better one.

Also, Narisha likes photography too. It’s unfortunate that we only can afford one D-SLR at the moment. Let’s see if things get better in the comming months, I would really love to get her one.

Then we can go out photography outings together, just like how we did during her college days.

Can’t wait for that to happen again.


1 Response to “Click! Snap! Again”

  1. 1 Narisha
    July 29, 2008 at 5:06 PM

    hehehe… sure leh? Nikon for me pls.. :)

    yeap, the good old days, when u balik Perth, me patah kaki ok… no gang to snappy snappy!

    Pee… itu mmg ur trademark ahhh?

    Btw, Bie, comel giler u dlm gambar tu.. pouting lagi ok..!! I like!

    [Amin says] Pouting? Of course le…I learn from the best. Nikon? Hmmm…we’l see :P

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