Jangan Poyo

Have you noticed Celcom’s new slogan/tagline (or whatever it is)?

Looks like Celcom switched from “it’s in your hands” to “you can’t beat the unbeatable”. Don’t know what provoked them to make such a claim but I think it’s too much chest thumping.

The other day (it was early this month or late last month methinks) they launched the 100 Cars in 100 Days contest.

All you have to do was answer 10 questions as fast as you can via SMS and stand a chance to win a Toyota Camry. There are 100 Camrys to be won in 100 days.

Sounds simple enough but right?

Not quite.

Did you know that each SMS sent costs RM5? And there are 10 questions you need to answer, that’s RM50/entry.

You might think, what’s RM50 if the reward is a brand spanking new Toyota Camry worth nearly RM200,000 right?

Thing is, the fastest correct answer is not the only determining factor on deciding the winner of this competition. The number of SMSes sent is apparently, the more important factor. Based on that, you could very well end up spending as much as the down payment for the car on SMSes alone and still not win.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well looks like the unbeatables just got beaten up. Bad.

Tu la jangan poyo lain kali

See for yourself here


2 Responses to “Jangan Poyo”

  1. 1 ebundle
    June 20, 2008 at 4:07 AM

    Bro, such a funny quote u have there for Celcom. LOL. But if u think of it, why other contest that’s currently running didn’t get much attention from the media or the government body? i.e. The Arstro SMS / Call contest, DiGi 11 contest etc.

    Why Jakim didn’t stop them when they first presented to them before the contest starts? I heard from an insider that they really presented to Jakim and they have all the Ustaz & officers names! Whatever it is, somebody is trying to beat the unbeatable .. badly haha =P

  2. June 20, 2008 at 2:43 PM

    Thanks for the comment.

    Ask for your question, I wouldn’t know why Celcom was singled out. I have theories but of course, we all do.

    Let’s hope JAKIM is consistent with their enforcing so that we can see the end of all this SMS scams!

    While we’re at it, MCMC needs to play a more proactive role as well.

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