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Funny Emails

I get a lot of emails from colleagues, friends, family, strangers. Some of them are about work, some of them are about stuff, some of them are about nothing at all.

This one I got today is the one of the funny ones.

Jawatan Kuasa Kabinet mengenai Istiadat telah mengeluarkan Surat Pekeliling mengenai adab dan cara bersalam yang betul mengikut norma ke Malaysianan.

Sila fahami …..

Cara bersalam yang betul

    1. Badan perlu dibengkokkan 90 darjah
    2. Yang menyalam perlu memegang kedua belah tangan orang yang disalam
    3. Sengetkan kepala ke kanan sedikit untuk mendapat feel yang lebih
    4. Mulut cium tangan perlu dimuncung lebih kurang 1 inci

Contoh dibawah:

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Jangan Poyo

Have you noticed Celcom’s new slogan/tagline (or whatever it is)?

Looks like Celcom switched from “it’s in your hands” to “you can’t beat the unbeatable”. Don’t know what provoked them to make such a claim but I think it’s too much chest thumping.

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Sometimes I wonder…

…what were these people thinking when they do things like this.

Looks like the fuel hike is affecting people in way we don’t even know possible

To those who are counting, RM3,000 gets about 1,100 litres of fuel at today’s RM2.70/litre price. With my car’s 13.5km/litre fuel consumption, 1,100 litres will give me 14,850km. That’s a whole year’s worth.

Wait a minute…
I just realised I will be spending RM3,000 a year on petrol alone, maybe even more!

My god!


Download Day 2008 – TODAY!

I talked about it in my earlier post here, today I’m going to be a part of history and I hope you’ll get in on the action too.

Firefox 3

Straight from my Gmail.

Today you’ll make history with Firefox

Are you ready to make history? Are you ready to set a World Record? Today is Download Day. To become part of the official Guinness World Record you must download Firefox 3 by 17:00 UTC on June 18, 2008, or roughly 24 hours from now.

This is going to be first world record of its kind and it might just go in to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Be a part of it. All you have to do is download Firefox 3 now.

Make sure you do it before 0100hrs Malaysia time.



Hi everyone.

I must apologise, ever since I’ve started this blog a little over a month a go this has been the longest time I’ve been in hiatus, been away from my blog, not been able to vent my pent up thoughts.

For the most part, it’s been due to work. Something is coming up in the office so we’re in the midst of preparing for the big day. Sorry I am obligated not to share with you the juicy details but I promise you that once it’s safe to do so you’ll be ale to get it here first.

For the least part, I’ve just been preoccupied with other things. Things like my PSP, catching up on watching a pile of DVDs I bought not too long a go but never had the time to watch, catching up on my sleep – a side effect from EURO 2008.

About EURO 2008, I don’t support a team in particular. I just like the spectacle, i.e. watching the beautiful game being played on such a high level with such verve and passion. And for of those of you who are paying attention on the action, you’ve got to admit it has been surprises and upsets at each match, the games have been getting better and better and this is just the round robin.

I can’t wait to see how the action unfolds when we go into the knockout stages. Oh the sleepless nights.

Of course everybody’s busy talking about the ridiculous fuel hike. Literally overnight the country went from just ok at RM1.98/litre for RON97 petrol to an eye watering RM2.70/litre for the same stuff. I’m not going to waste time on the maths, you’ve probably read it all elsewhere but what I’m going to tell you is that I am not happy with the way the govt. gone and done it.

I can’t seem to articulate it in words the way I want it to come out but I’ll try anyway. I think the govt. have dastardly ambushed us with the hike. It’s like getting a nice tight slap across the face when you least expect it. You know what I mean?

Like you’re talking to your granddad, having a great time chatting away, sharing a joke. He’s laughing and you’re laughing and out of nowhere he lands a solid smack on your cheek for no apparent reason. You’ve left dazed and confused accompanied with a throbbing pain resonating in you head, not knowing what to do while he’s still laughing from the joke you shared prior.

That’s kind of the gist of it. That’s how I felt, how I still feel. The govt. never gave us time to prepare, to get ready, to brace ourselves for the impact. Instead they conspired and plotted like a bunch of swindlers and cowards that they are and kicked us out to the gutter, left to fend ourselves in a new unfamiliar reality.

Well…its not like it’s never been done before. If there’s one thing you can depend on with the Malaysian Government is that they’re all rubbish at doing their jobs. Actually, rubbish is an understatement; I think they are all crap.

How has the fuel hike affect you? I’m now thinking of getting a bike to mitigate.

Let’s see what happens.

Welcome back to my blog.


6 June – Happy Birthday Narisha!

Cheeky little monkey isn’t she?


My wife of two years and counting, friend for a lifetime, Narisha celebrates her birthday today.


I’m so happy it’s a beautiful day today.

Looks like another Japanese dinner is at hand.


RM3 for one litre of petrol

UPDATE: I wrote this entry before the fuel hike announcement this evening. Admittedly, some of the points are obsolete but do make for an interesting read. Though some points are out-of-date, the rest are still valid concerns I want to share with you.

That’s the reality that most of us would have to probably get use to as the government gradually implements the new national fuel subsidy scheme from today up to a complete implementation in August this year.

The new scheme could see those who do not qualify for the new subsidy scheme to pay open market price for fuel, and at the current crude oil price of USD$130/barrel that equates to RM3/litre at the petrol kiosks.

In my case, a full tank for my car with a 40 litre tank will cost RM76.80 at today’s RM1.92/litre price. Should the government decide I don’t qualify for subsidy, a full tank at open market price will cost me a very painful RM120 a tank full. That’s a whopping RM43.20 increase from before per fill up.

Consider the fact that I fill up roughly 3 times a month that equates to an additional RM130 per month that I will need to fork out post new scheme. I don’t know about you, but that is rather difficult for me to swallow.

If you browse through nearly all of the major dailies for the past few days most will be talking about the government looking into the feasibility of various subsidy methods, though two schemes have been mentioned more than others.

One is based on quota and the other is based on income bracket.

But the underlying objective of the new scheme is to ensure that only the low income earners are somewhat relieved form the burden of rising fuel cost using subsidies.

Not surprisingly, the details of these schemes are not disclosed yet and the government have been very tight lipped about it. This of course, results in huge speculation on how the new subsidy scheme will be implemented and how it affects us – the consumer.

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