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Domino’s Offer

Just wanted to share this with you guys.

Domino’s Pizza is having a special offer for the school holidays.

The Domino’s School Break Offer

RM50 buys you 3 regular pizza and 3 cans of coke. Not bad if you have a big litter to feed.

Offer ends June 8, 2008.

How to get the offer.

  • For delivery, just call 1300 888 333 and mention EMS05 when ordering
  • For take out, just mention EMS05 when placing your order
  • You can also order online
  • Have a great weekend ahead!


    Snaps at a Japanese Restaurant

    Yes, the snap is not sharp. Couldn’t experiment with the focus, I only got one shot. Sorry

    About a week back on May 24, Johan – Narisha’s brother, my brother in-law – celebrated his 24th birthday.

    Hmm…24 on 24th, nice number combination.

    Anyways, as with the family tradition Narisha, the in-laws and I went for Japanese dinner to celebrate. For this occasion, we went to Kura at the One World Hotel in Bandar Utama.

    Just wanted to share with you some snaps taken with my Sony Alpha 200.

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    Lest we forget

    Malaysians don’t care about history?

    I have a genuine fear that we really don’t. Perhaps many would disagree of this. But if this wasn’t the case why are we sitting idly while one by one pieces of our past are torn down to make way for so-called development and progress.

    First it was the Bok House, now one of the very few intact 19th century prisons in the region – Pudu Jail – is being earmarked for demolition later this year. The prison will make way for a commercial centre and condominium complex.

    Pudu’s fate reflects a lack of interest in heritage in Malaysia.

    Pudu jail was witness to some of the darkest periods in the country. During the Japanese occupation of the Second World War, the historic jail served as a detaining camp for captured allied prisoners-of-war. More recently, in July 1986, Briton Kevin Barlow and Australian Brian Chambers were hanged there. They were the first Westerners to lose their lives under Malaysia’s tough anti-narcotics laws.

    The Urban Develoment Authoritiy (UDA) are making preparations to proceed with the demolition.

    Source from AFP

    By the looks of it, when Pudu does go down, it’s going to be just another day in Kuala Lumpur.


    What the hell is going on!?

    Did you manage to catch the Sun’s front page yesterday?

    I’m sure by now you’ve heard all about Bandar Mahkota Cheras, about the free access road and the Grand Saga Highway and the controversial barricade.

    About a big irresponsible corporation who allegedly hired thugs to bully and beat up poor residents who are just trying to survive is such trying times.

    And while all this is going on, the government is slow to act and react.

    It appears that those who have been elected to serve the rakyat are letting them down. The way I see it, the government’s actions or the lack of it, are a form of endorsement of such corporate bullies.

    As if that wasn’t enough, Badawi’s bullshit administration opened the floodgates and decided to lift subsidies of public transportation apparently on the pretense of saving taxpayers’ money and encouraging a level public transportation playing field.

    Now we are all nicely screwed!

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    You don’t expect me to buy this do you?

    You get all sorts of SMS nowadays

    I received this weird SMS in the wee morning hours as I was getting ready to go to work:

    From : +60129395079
    Sent : 29/05/08 08:10:46

    I baru kena 4D RM60,000(6086)! So happy,,i dapat tips tepat dari SMS TIPS, belum cuba belum tau! Cepat cepat hantar




    Betul ke you baru kena 4D? Baiknya hati you nak kongsi ilmu dengan I. Harap-harap murah la rezeki you nanti.

    What a load of bull crap!

    Guys, please be careful of this SMS scam.

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    PSP Revival

    Updates: Addicts are desperate people. When it comes down to the wire they will do anything for a fix. This one here is no exception.

    Lunch time, I went to Sg. Wang and then to Low Yat to look for a fix for my game addiction that had recently re-surfaced. All the time looking I was in constant contradiction with myself. First, deciding on what game to get to satisfy my addiction, second, should I get original or should I go down the darker more dangerous ciplak route.

    In the end, I got four games. Burnout Dominator, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, FIFA 2008 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2007. I also got myself a 4GB Sony Memory Stick Duo Pro. All for RM170.

    If you can do the math, then you’ll know what happened

    Already this addiction is doing things to me.

    Somebody please take me to rehab.

    It’s kind of weird…ever since I started contemplating on the purchase of a new game console a few weeks back, I’ve been hooked on video games to kill time.

    Every chance I get, I flip out my crappy Nokia N77 and play the pathetic Space Impact game pre-installed in the phone. I’ve easily completed the damn thing 10 times over and yet I don’t mind. I go through the same levels over and over and over again. What’s more troubling is even when I’m about to go to sleep I have to go through a few levels at least (much to Narisha’s disagreement).

    And it’s not just that, every time I go Narisha’s grandparents place, I’ll sneak over next door to her aunty’s place and power up her cousin’s Xbox. I’ll just sit there and play video games all day long until Narisha says its time to go home.

    I think its safe to say my gaming addiction has re-surfaced. I have to do something about this before it gets worse.

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